Blazemark Pre-incident Planning Software

Blazemark is an innovative, secure, cloud based software tool that helps you manage and share preplans in your jurisdiction. It’s designed for quick access to vital information inĀ  and to help fire and police departments comply with NFPA 1620, which is now the standard. It is also designed to help fire departments conduct the preplanning necessary to help reduce (or maintain) their ISO rating.

Blazemark enables you to:

  • quickly develop an incident action plan
  • communicate effectively with incoming units
  • maximize firefighter and officer safety
  • increase your fire and police department’s effectiveness

Blazemark is an internet-based solution, requiring only a standard web browser (we like Firefox from Mozilla). No other software needs to be loaded.

Blazemark allows easy interoperability between departments. Any department using Blazemark can designate that neighboring departments are permitted “read-only” access to their preplans — it’s that simple. This is equally true for fire, police, EMS and emergency management organizations – along with business owners whose buildings are being preplanned. Blazemark is equally effectively whether you need to preplan buildings, or transportation facilities such as major intersections, railyards, tank farms, and harbors.

Blazemark is also useful for site maintenance and response personnel to identify key equipment, valves, and other critical items needed to handle day-to-day emergencies in the plant. It is a great tool to inventory site confined spaces and communicate them to site personnel and emergency responders in compliance with OSHA requirements in 29CFR1910.146