z Pre-incident Planning with Blazemark Gives First Responders a Tactical Edge

Blazemark was designed for pre planning and communicating existing pre incident plans. As first responders, we know that in a crisis, clear, consistent information will give a first responder the tactical edge. Maybe the tactical edge that saves lives. (we helped write NFPA 1620). No longer do first responders have to worry about data from different users or desktop systems being out of sync.  Your users begin with intuitive and simple data entry, and then turn it into information as you organize and tag certain aspects for rapid situational awareness during an incident.

Fostering Mutual Aid / Sharing

The power of a 24×7, high-availability secure web server allows you to control multi-level security access on a need-to-know basis for various groups. Blazemark allows users to be in Groups and allow Groups to “share” preplans with other Groups in read-only fashion for true “mutual aid” and response team interoperability. For example: School Districts, Universities, and Hospital Campuses  can share preplans with Fire and Police Departments, Fire Departments can share preplans with neighboring Fire Departments and Police Departments.