Professional Services

Fire Protection Engineering/Safety/Fire Planning Services

sheepsherd Bay fire

  • Project/plans review
  • Fire/building code interpretations
  • Emergency services operations consulting including audits to NFPA standards
  • Driver Training Programs in compliance with NFPA Standards
  • Water supply analysis
  • Special hazards evaluation
  • Protection of critical infrastructure
  • Commissioning testing of fire protection systems
  • Expert testimony, litigation support, technical analysis
  • Process hazards analysis
  • Industrial safety services including audits vs. safety/OSHA requirements and standards
  • Hazardous materials protection
  • Plant response team analysis and training
  • Emergency management organization, training, and analysis
  • Development and execution of tabletop and full-scale drills
  • Specification of emergency apparatus
  • Community master planning and ISO preparation, including
    alternative water supply evaluations

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