When Stephen Paddock started shooting hundreds of people from his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, important minutes and intel were lost because there were no cameras in the hallways (as reported by the Los Angeles Times).  As hundreds of rounds of automatic gun fire rained down on concert goers from the 32nd floor, police finally zeroed in on the shooter based upon the sound.

Reports to date lead us to believe that police were unable to confirm the shooters location until they stumbled across an injured security guard who had been shot by Paddock on the 32nd floor.

It is no doubt to us that access to live camera feed in the hallways of the hotel would have given critical information to security and local law enforcement when making tactical decisions of when, where and how to respond to the incident.  In addition, Blazemark preplanning software has been used in the past to help neutralize active shooter situations by allowing responders to view camera feed and structure information from any mobile device in real time.

Blazemark is a secure cloud-based application that permits cataloguing critical infrastructure and facilities with items such as floor plans, annotated photos, GIS information and other details that both facilities management and first Propecia responders require to keep an incident small and manageable.  The software benefits not only improved response, but addressing any concerns that may come from internal fire and safety audits. Having the emergency pre plans on-line also lends itself exceptionally well to table top drills and training. Blazemark has seen some insurers offer premium discounts for having pre plans.

If you want to integrate your building information, camera feed, emergency response plans and training into one place which is accessible by the click of a finger, contact Blazemark at 800-965-0041 or email info@blazemark.com. The creators of Blazemark pre-planning software, FirePlanningAssociates.com, has extensive experience in preparing pre-incident plans for government and business.  This experience also includes incorporating plans into tabletop exercises and full-scale drills where all stakeholders can learn and practice skills in preparation for natural disasters and man made incidents.  Get more information at getBlazemark.com.

Jamie Haddon has nearly 30 years of emergency service experience, serving six different fire/ems/rescue departments and obtaining a graduate degree in Public Safety Management. He also has extensive community building experience as a Major Gift Fundraiser in the non-profit world and has served as the President and CEO of the United Way of Bucks County before joining FirePlanningAssociates.com. You can follow him on social media @JamieHaddon and @getBlazemark