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Enterprise Pre-Planning to Protect Property, People, and Profits

Blazemark® is the one Pre-Planning and Communication tool that companies of all sizes and industries need to dramatically improve readiness and preparedness and to respond quickly and successfully to crisis.


FREE Webinar

Join our 45-minute information session on Tuesday, October 31st at 11:00am PST/2:00 pm EST. Hosted by Dan Weedin with his special guest, Greg Jakubowski Chair of the NFPA 1620 Committee on Pre-Incident Planning and founder of Blazemark® software.

Greg Jakubowski

Greg Jakubowski

IMPORTANT: Please share with any of your colleagues, clients, or co-workers that might find this of interest. While you may not be responsible for business continuity and protection of assets, you likely know someone that is. Your referral is appreciated!

Learn how Blazemark® Pre-Planning Software will provide your company the resources and tools to help you protect your property, people and profits. Here are some key ways to utilize Blazemark®:

  • Save lives. A resource for first responders (fire and law enforcement) to quickly access information on your site to better protect your property and your people.
  • Save valuable time. A central repository to house all your risk management and resilience documents in order to quickly access them in real-time when a crisis hits. This accelerates speed of recovery.
  • Improve efficiency. A secure spot to catalogue inventory, photos of locations and machinery, technology, and whatever else is important to you in order to more Levaquin quickly access updated information and speed up claims payments.
  • Save money. A way to reduce costs on your property and liability insurance premiums due to a having strong risk management system.
  • Enhance decision-making. A cloud-based, highly secure program that is accessible anywhere in the world with unlimited users to enhance crisis communications and documentation. By doing this, you make better decisions, accelerate recovery (see a theme here?), improve employee morale, and sustain revenue/profits.
  • Much, much more. I have a list of 51 ways that Blazemark® will significantly improve you company’s position in creating and protecting your enterprise wealth and value. You will receive this list when registering for this free webinar.

If you’ve been frustrated by the high time and financial burden of your total cost of risk…
Join Greg and me as we walk you through…

  1. Why the software will save you time, money, and frustration
  2. How it will protect property, people, and profit
  3. How easy it is to use and share with key people
  4. Why it will up being the most critical piece to your business continuity


And here’s the BONUS you’ll receive just for showing up!
When you attend, I’ll be giving you access to my Unleashed® Disaster Planning Template so that you get started on creating or enhancing your company disaster plan.

But this BONUS is only available to those that attend LIVE!