Blazemark pre-planning software and services can assist health care facilities with life safety and emergency prepardeness requirement compliance.  In September 2017, CMS updated its health care facilities’ life safety and emergency preparedness requirements to improve protections for all Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, including those residing in LTC facilities. These updates include requirements that facilities install expanded sprinkler and smoke detector systems to protect residents from the hazards of fire and develop an emergency preparedness plan that facilities must review, test, update, and train residents on annually. The plan must include provisions for sheltering in place and evacuation. OIG is reviewing this area because residents of LTC facilities are particularly vulnerable to the risk of fires, since many of these residents have limited or no mobility. The objective of the OIG is to determine if LTC facilities that received Medicare or Medicaid funds complied with new Federal requirements for life safety and emergency preparedness for the period May 4, 2016, through November 15, 2017.

If your facility needs assistance in creating, updating or auditing your life safety and emergency preparedness plans contact Blazemark at 800-965-0041 or email The creators of Blazemark pre-planning software,, has extensive experience in preparing pre-incident plans for government and business.  This experience also includes incorporating plans into tabletop exercises and full scale drills where all stakeholders can learn and practice skills in preparation for natural disasters and man made incidents.  Get more information at

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Jamie Haddon has nearly 30 years of emergency service experience, serving six different fire/ems/rescue departments and obtaining a graduate degree in Public Safety Management. He also has extensive community building experience as a Major Gift Fundraiser in the non-profit world and has served as the President and CEO of the United Way of Bucks County before joining You can follow him on social media @JamieHaddon and @getBlazemark