Recent Fire Planning Associates Projects

July 2013

– FPA completed detailed preplans for 2 high-tech research and development facilities in California and Washington for a major pharmaceutical company.

– FPA completed detailed preplans of a rail intermodal facility, an airport, and a major interstate highway interchange in the Metro Philadelphia area.

July 2011

– FPA has been contracted to provide detailed preplans for 9 buildings, comprising over 1.2 million square feet of high-tech research and development space, at a major US pharmaceutical campus. FPA has already used our BLAZEMARK web-based proprietary software program to preplan 17 buildings at 3 of this company’s campuses.

– FPA has been contracted by a major pharmaceutical company to conduct annual refresher training for the emergency response teams at 2 Philadelphia-area sites. This is the 2nd annual refresher training conducted for these sites, using a combination of classroom and hands-on training. Process-specific training has also been conducted for flammable liquids.

– FPA has completed a study of how residential sprinkler systems have been adopted, and their successes in the central portion of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This includes 6 different municipalities where almost 7000 homes are sprinklered. FPA worked with the Bucks County Fire Marshal’s Association on the project, which was funded by a grant through the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

– FPA is working on a project to provide detailed preplans for 24 schools in our BLAZEMARK web-based proprietary software program. Information on these schools will be shared among 9 municipalities, their police and fire departments. The project was funded through a law enforcement technology grant.

– FPA conducted a tabletop emergency management drill for a large municipality in New Jersey. The drill will include virtual reality components to make it as realistic as possible through our partnership with CommandSim

– FPA is working on a firefighting water supply study for Hopewell Township, Mercer County, NJ. All water supplies in the Township are being evaluated for use, identified on GIS and in our BLAZEMARK preplaning software, along with identifying key target hazards also identified on GIS