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We keep an “All-Hazards” approach with civilian and responder safety at the core of everything we do.  Our staff includes experienced first responders and officers with training in building construction and emergency response to conduct the preplanning effort.

  • All preplanning services work is managed by Greg Jakubowski, P.E., CSP, FSFPE – Principal and Chief EngineerScreen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.53.13 PM. He continues to serve as the Chair of the NFPA 1620 committee which oversee preplanning.  Additionally, his experience includes leading and improving safety and fire prevention from a site and corporate perspective on project teams for approximately $3BB (USD) since 1985, in US, Asia and Europe.  He is an experienced author with over 130 articles in a regular column for a fire safety periodical with 50,000+ circulation since 1989.  Greg has also co-authored text on Firefighter Rescue that has sold over 17,000 copies and is used as required reading for city chief officer tests as well as a Chapter Author in several texts on industrial firefighting and firefighter safety.


  • We provide an independent outside source for the completion and validation of preplans that typically need to be accomplished during the day, by a group of fire and safety professionals.
  • Our platform is used by hundreds of customers with well over 500 million square feet of structures preplanned as well as major interstate exchanges, waterways, rail, and pipelines.
  • Our staff has extensive experience in EHS and emergency services, in settings that include industry, department of defense, career and volunteer Fire/EMS/Rescue departments, and Law Enforcement.