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Core Features

Mobile Friendly

No software to download, Blazemark is cloud-based for use on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


First time users to the seasoned veteran find this application easy to learn, use, edit and share.


NFPA Compliant

Our pre-incident planning tool adheres to the NFPA-1620 specifications. Our own Greg Jakubowski is the Chair of the NFPA Committee.

Single Touch Navigation

Easily navigate from map, live camera or data drop-down list views with the touch of your finger.

Secure Sharing

Our company and customers demand security excellence in storing and sharing information.  We know that we can meet and exceed your needs.

In place editing

Make global edits from the office or in the field for all stakeholders to see at any time.

Photos and Attachments

Upload an unlimited amount of photos or non-image files with our drag-and-drop interface. Edit, label and add features to your photos, diagrams, maps and floor plans.


You can add existing preplan documents or create new versions to suit the complexity of your needs, from a single structure to an entire industrial campus.

Users Groups

Segment and have granular accountability for system viewing by assigning user roles of read-only, author or org admin.