Running with reduced staff and emergency personnel? Having preplans is a great “defense” to keep incidents manageable.

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

That’s what General Dwight D. Eisenhower had to say about being prepared.

And at Blazemark, we couldn’t agree more.


When you are planning for an emergency, the most important thing to remember is this: the very definition of an “emergency” is that it is unexpected.

Blazemark by the Numbers

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Blazemark Pre-planning System

Core Blazemark Features

Intuitive Pre-planning

Blazemark is incredibly easy to use, you can create preplans in a matter of minutes. Include only what is needed, add more info over time. Blazemark makes the complex simple.

Mobile Friendly

No software to download, Blazemark is a cloud-based web application for use on any device with a modern web browser (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Photos/Images and Attachments

Extend your preplan documentation with an unlimited amount of photos and/or attachments. Annotate your photos, diagrams, maps and floor plans.

Secure Access

Security starts with demanding high-strength passwords and encrypted website pages. Higher-level “your eyes only” secure information can be restricted to a select number of your users.

Mutual Aid Pre-planning

Freely share preplans with neighboring first responder groups. Whether it is business sharing with local  fire departments (FDs), or FDs sharing with neighboring FDs.

Integrated Maps

Intuitive use of maps showing preplan with staging areas, water supplies, FDCs, structures. Virtually anything can be added to the map using precise GPS coordinates.

No CAD Drawings!

Sure, you can do CAD if you like, but the majority of our FFs simply markup easily-available floorplans and site maps. Way easier to get started doing preplans! Besides, there’s a lot more to preplanning than just a floorplan.

Powerful Yet Simple

Common structures can be easily managed via a “template” system to control typical information elements needed. Useful for common things like strip malls, garden apartments, etc.

NFPA Compliant

Blazemark adheres to the NFPA-1620 specifications to ensure your efforts are in compliance with good practices. Our own Greg Jakubowski is the Chair of the NFPA Committee.

IFC Section 404

Blazemark is perfect for adding your for an approved fire safety and evacuation plan plus creating Emergency Action Plans (EAP)