Blazemark delivers the total package:
Preplans that are NFPA 1620 compliant, that meet corporate compliance requirements, and help ensure safer, more efficient incident response.

Blazemark Pre-incident Planning Software

Blazemark is a web-based application (a “web app”) specifically for NFPA 1620-compliant preplanning.

    • Easy to access
    • Easy to learn
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to edit/update
    • Easy to share
    • Saves time, money, property, and lives

Blazemark is an all-hazards pre-incident planning system that has been developed and used by Fire Planning Associates, Incorporated (FPA), and hundreds of other organizations large and small.  Our team has been working for many decades in complex industries, government, and emergency services.  The Blazemark preplanning system was created because our fire protection technicians found that no other software and system could ensure compliance for our customers and be shared with stakeholders in real-time.

Blazemark was designed for pre-planning and communicating pre-incident plans to ensure compliance for industry and, most importantly, to save lives and property. When in a crisis, clear and consistent information provides responders a crucial tactical edge. No longer do first responders, facilities managers, or health and safety managers have to worry about conflicting data from different users, paper binders, desktop systems, or “stovepiped” corporate systems being non-existent or out of sync or unavailable.

“… we helped write NFPA 1620.”

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Blazemark is an industrial-strength, web-based preplanning software package that integrates drawings, photos, hazmat, and key building information into an easy-to-use, open standards-based, scalable software application.

Getting Started With Preplanning

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