Campus and K-12 Education

“Blazemark was used during a 2012 active shooter incident…”

Used with an active shooter that unfortunately took multiple lives. Fortunately, the event happened while the facility was closed, but the pre-plan and camera integration allowed the police chief to identify the shooters location on campus and assist in the neutralization plan.

Establish a cooperative relationship with local emergency departments

  • Administer memorandums of understanding and emergency operations plans.
  • Assist with cooperative reporting and resolution of incidents that occur on school property and at school sponsored events.
  • Share procedures, plans and trainings for responses involving students with disabilities including behavior support services and special needs education.

Compliant to NFPA 1660 for Pre-Incident Planning

  • Aligned with NIMS requirements
  • Aligned with Pennsylvania Chapter 10 Safe Schools General Provisions
  • Blazemark adheres to the NFPA-1660 specification (which incorporates NFPA 1620).

Access critical information at times when seconds count

  • Access at the tip of your fingers by mobile device, MDT, desktop anytime

Cloud-Based / Browser-Based

  • No software needed.
  • Unlimited users, data, real-time sharing

Save lives and property, use your resources more efficiently

  • “All Hazards” approach to any type of incident (fire, hazmat, active shooter, weather, etc.)

Easy to learn, use, edit and update

  • Allow your resources to make instant updates anytime from the field

Create and implement comprehensive disaster response and emergency preparedness plans

  • Assist emergency responders by capturing and sharing all NFPA 1660 required data elements and more.
  • Blueprints and floor plans, aerial photos of campus, locations for predetermined command posts – triage – evacuation – treatment – landing zones, etc.
  • Rosters, photos/yearboook, fire-alarm shutoff locations and procedures, gas/utility line layouts and shutoff valve locations, cable/satellite television shutoff location and procedures

Use it as a tool for Special Events

  • Plan out resources and responses for those periodic on campus events; homecoming, fair, 5k’s, lock-ins, sporting events, concerts, etc.

PDF and send out plans at anytime

  • Print out hard copies or email them out with the click of a finger