Industry and Corporate Settings

Blazemark helps industry and corporations meet their goal of reliable incident-free operation so products and services are not disrupted.

Corporate Risk Managers, Facilities, EHS, ... love Blazemark!

  • Actively manage risk and property loss
  • Improve your risk management profile and case for lower insurance premiums
  • Use as a tool for tabletop and live-drill training for onsite and remote users

Establish a cooperative relationship with local emergency departments

  • Assist with cooperative pre/post reporting and resolution of incidents that occur in various jurisdictions

Compliant with OSHA and NFPA 1660 for Pre-Incident Planning

  • Aligned with NIMS requirements
  • Clients are able to document their confined spaces and more easily stay compliant with OSHA, and see benefits to their internal fire and safety audits.
  • Comply with International Fire Code Chapters/Sections on Emergency Planning and Preparedness, Performance-Based Design, Fire Safety During Construction and Demolition, and Hazardous Materials Management Plans
  • Comply with NFPA Fire Code Chapter on Safeguarding Construction, Alteration and Demolition Operations
  • Comply with US OSHA and corporate requirements for fire safety plans, confined space rescue plans, fire prevention plans, and emergency plans for OSHA/EPA Process Safety Management

Create and implement comprehensive disaster response and emergency preparedness plans

Assist emergency responders by capturing and sharing all NFPA 1660 required data elements and more.

  • Blueprints and floor plans, aerial photos of campus, locations for predetermined command posts – triage – evacuation – treatment – landing zones, etc.
  • Rosters, photos/yearboook, fire-alarm shutoff locations and procedures, gas/utility line layouts and shutoff valve locations, cable/satellite television shutoff location and procedures

Access critical information quickly when seconds count

  • A pre-incident plan is the “front end” to your business continuity plan
  • Access at the tip of your fingers by mobile device, MDT, desktop anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Access facility information remotely to assist staff and emergency responders on scene of incidents during off hours

Cloud-Based / Browser-Based

  • If disaster strikes your network/infrastructure, Blazemark remains available as an off-premise, secure, cloud solution
  • No software needed
  • Computer or smartphone and an internet browser
  • Unlimited users, data, real-time sharing
  • Throw away those binders!
  • Grant access to read or edit data/photos anytime from anywhere

Save time and money

  • Pre-planning is the least expensive thing that you can do and pays the best dividends
  • No extra equipment to be brought or maintained.
  • Less expensive than needing to implement a costly Business Continuity Plan
  • Collect data from multiple sources into one repository
  • Share and make instant global changes with internal and external stakeholders
  • Improve your risk management profile and case for lower insurance premiums

Share information in real time with police and emergency service departments

  • Administer memorandums of understanding and emergency operations plans.
  • Ability to add, edit, update written communication plans with unlimited sharing instantly (rosters, accountability, reunification plans, situation reports, etc.)
  • Yet also protect internal, “for your eyes only,” sensitive information and documents as needed