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Emergency Responders

When you’re first in, you’d better be ready.

First responders have many crucial jobs. Chief among them? Being prepared. In a crisis situation, things happen quickly. Situational awareness is key.


  • No software needed
    • Unlimited users, data, real-time sharing

Access critical information at times when seconds count

  • Access at the tip of your fingers by mobile device, MDT, desktop anytime

Compliant to NFPA 1620 for Pre-Incident Planning

  • And is aligned with NIMS requirements

Save lives and property, use your resources more efficiently

  •  “All Hazards” approach to any type of incident (fire, hazmat, active shooter, weather, etc.)

Global real time updates

  • Throw those binders out!
  • Instant global changes, demonstrate needed resources, improves ISO ratings

PDF entire pre-plans anytime

  • Print out hard-copy or email out

Easy to learn, use, edit and update

  • Allow your resources to make instant updates anytime from the field

Existing preplans won’t be lost

  • Upload existing preplans, SOG’s, Contact lists, any document you wish

24 hour help desk!

  •   Live chat and complete video tutorial library

Interface with other applications

  • Water Supplies, CAD, Alerting Aps, and Reporting Software

Inexpensive solution

Emergency services are charged based upon the number of preplans.  Contact us for more information!

Integrate with other web-based tools

  • Live video camera feed, NIOSH, WISER, ERG, etc.

You have our ear and can help improve the product

All of us have eaten the same dirt as you.  Tell us how to improve Blazemark to make your job easier and safer.  Our best improvements have come from the streets.

User permissions with full accountability

  •  Grant roles of read-only, author or admin.  Additional secure notes area permissions as well