Survey says? Nah, not Family Feud, that’s a Jeopardy question.  What is… Building Information Modeling?

Correct, BIM is both a best practice process and 3D modeling that building designers use to create a project with integrated information to be shared with all stakeholders.  Its not a new concept, in fact engineer and computer pioneer Douglas Engelbart wrote a paper in 1962 titled “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework” about it.

BIM makes for easier design and simpler coordination between team members, and easier structure maintenance across the entire building environment.  The model can then be accessed after the build to help make educated decisions on maintenance and modifications.

BIM information can also be integrated to augment required emergency incident preplans.  Preplanning is a process that gives all stakeholders to a property or special event the “inside information” allowing for a more efficient and timely response which will help save lives, property, money, and help to manage risk.

Preplanning software systems like Blazemark incorporate Standards from NFPA 1620 to gather information that include physical and site considerations, occupant considerations, water supplies, fire protection systems, special hazards, emergency operations, and pre-incident plan testing and maintenance. There is nothing better to assist with building familiarization for firefighters, police officers, medical technicians, environmental health and safety staff and facilities management.

When seconds count, having this information at the tip of your fingers through our cloud-based Blazemark software will make the difference when it matters most.